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Publisher's note
Jaina View of Life
Jaina Agamas and Indian Culture
From Nescience to Omniscience
Omniscience : Misconceptions and Clarifications
  Six Approaches to the Concept of Omniscience
  Non-absolutism and Omniscience
  Advaita Trends in Jainism
  Nature of Unconditionality in Syadvada
  An Examination of Brahma-sutra
  Karmic Idealism of the Jainas
  Omniscience : Determinism and freedom
  Jaina Moksa in Indian Philosophy
  Para-Psychology and Jainism
  Non-absolutistic Heritage of Bhagavana Mahavira
  Non-absolutism and Jaina View of Darsana
  Relevance of Anekanta for Modern Times
  Syadvada : A Solution of World Tension
  Contribution of Haribhadra to the Yoga-vidya

Perspective in Jaina Philosophy and Religion