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Twelve Facets of Reality


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  The Immortal Song
  FACET 1: The Changeless Beneath the Changes
  FACET 2: Our Protection in an Unprotected World
  FACET 3: Liberation from the Cycle of Birth and Death
  FACET 4: Freedom From Dependency
  FACET 5: In Search of the Incomparable
  FACET 6: The Flame in the Candle
  FACET 7: Observing the Inflow of Vibrations
  FACET 8: The Art of the Full Stop
  FACET 9: The Art of Cleansing
  FACET 10: The Nature of the Universe
  FACET 11: The Rare Occasion

FACET 12: The Nature of Our Nature


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Twelve Facets of Reality