Mission*24L* &   JainWorld

Amazing progress and clear vision of future as we celebrate 11 years of Jain World

Massive 175 GB site having 155000 web pages, 11000 images, 700 hours of Audio and Video, 24 languages, 236 complete books in several languages,  92347+ hits per day, visits from 151 countries and 705 man-years of work so far., just to name a few.

As we celebrate the first ...4 Years... of Mission*24L* and 11 years of  www.jainworld.com  around the globe, it remains the best time to review the progress and future plans for this unique movement which will have greatest impact on the way Jainism will be perceived globally in the days to come.

Solid progress on the Mission*24L* front is continuing throughout the world due to the hard work of several Jainworld teams in developing, reviewing, and loading the contents in various languages. It is not a small task considering 500+ people involved in various countries across the globe handling diverse functions like administrative, technical, translation, selection of material, arranging finance, arranging infrastructure, web design, legal matters, PR, & so on.

Here's a summary of achievements over the past few years:

A non-profit Foundation in USA, www.jainworld.com is unique and is already revolutionizing the way Jainism is perceived globally. Our Mission*24L* plan makes sure that Jainworld.com extends coverage to more than 95% of the global population, and has already translated in all of 24 designated languages, representing the 24 Tirthankars.  Mission *24L* is like a modern day “Samavasharan” or assembly of Thirthankars who made the core values of Jainism accessible to all, all the time, in all the languages.

Jainworld.com’s massive multiple language editions of a huge, user-friendly web site has created an in-depth knowledge-base and global resource center complete with authentic and original Jain scripture and commentaries to serve everyone, Jains and non-Jains, from a casual visitor to a serious research fellow. This is a historical landmark in the cause of Jainism not achieved before. Jainworld is now a truly global movement participated from 151 countries and more than 92347+ hits per day.  Since 1996, JainWorld has worked relentlessly to create a visible, global signature for Jainism.

Several thousand Jains and non-Jains across the globe (including India) are using Jain World regularly (92,347 hits per day) to learn Jainism and to teach their children or the ‘Pathshala’ students. Our E-learning is advancing this penetration much dipper and reaching wider base. Several universities are now using JainWorld as a knowledge base of Jainism for the courses in English and other languages. There are 600 academic Jainism projects guided by JainWorld in high schools and colleges around the world.

More than 700 Jainism related outreach efforts by Radio-TV talks, lectures, discussion groups for non-Jain audience are getting initiated in world languages through Jain World. More and more non-Jains across globe are requesting for free material on various aspects of Jainism. JainWorld has arrangements in place to provide such material free of cost to all of them. We helped several non-Jains outside India to stay with Jain families to understand how Jains follow non-violence in day to day life.

Jain Recipes on Jain World have created dramatic awareness about Jain foods and remains a valuable source for all hotels, airlines and individuals world wide.

Massive project to bring all Jain scripture older than 2000 years on web was initiated 2 years back and 7000 pages are already on web. It is expected to have 40,000+ pages and will be completed in four years or so. 700 hours of Audio / Video material in multiple languages containing lectures by prominent monks / scholars, Stotras, Prtikramans, bhakti-sangeet etc. makes it a complete Jain Radio extensively used every day.

JainWorld collaborated with BBC and other media organizations in putting Jainism on their web site and inspiring them and helping them to film Jain temples and way of life in India especially for non-English world audiences. A dramatic increase of such coverage is now visible.  Today, JainWorld is   de facto entry point to the exciting world of Jainism. It is a dynamic, bold, new approach to present exciting world of Jainism to the entire world with massive 175 GB site having 155000 web pages, 11000 images, 700 hours of Audio and Video, 24 languages, 236 complete books in several languages,  92347+ hits per day, visits from 151 countries and 705 man-years of work so far.

Languages currently available:

      Cantonese, Chinese, Czech,  English, French, German, Italian, Japnese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Serbian, Siam, Urdu, Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati,:Hindi, Kannada, Marathi, Oriya, Punjabi, Prakrut, Sanskrut, Tamil:

Work on many more languages is planned during the next few months along with enhancement of existing language editions. Make sure you are part of it.


As we continue to expand the visibility of Jainism through the Mission*24L* movement we refine the path to strategic growth and opportunities for taking Jainism to masses. With your support and teamwork, we can help the humanity in satisfying their urgent requirements of peace, friendship, brotherhood, equality, dignity, and spirituality for all and make this earth a real paradise.

Your dedication can make a significant difference in the world and benefit a lot of people.   Be a part of this exciting, fulfilling movement --- Mission*24L*

Yours in Jainism,   

      Vinod  Daryapurkar

715 Bellemeade PL Alpharetta GA 30004-8412  USA

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