Perspective in Jaina Philosophy and Religion

Jain Books

  1. Publisher's note

  2. Preface

  3. Jaina View of Life

  4. Jaina Agamas and Indian Culture

  5. From Nescience to Omniscience

  6. Omniscience : Misconceptions and Clarifications

  7. Six Approaches to the Concept of Omniscience

  8. Non-absolutism and Omniscience

  9. Advaita Trends in Jainism

  10. Nature of Unconditionality in Syadvada

  11. An Examination of Brahma-sutra

  12. Karmic Idealism of the Jainas

  13. Omniscience : Determinism and freedom

  14. Jaina Moksa in Indian Philosophy

  15. Para-Psychology and Jainism

  16. Non-absolutistic Heritage of Bhagavana Mahavira

  17. Non-absolutism and Jaina View of Darsana

  18. Relevance of Anekanta for Modern Times

  19. Syadvada : A Solution of World Tension

  20. Contribution of Haribhadra to the Yoga-vidya