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For the Kofta:

6 raw bananas,      2-cups coriander leaves

1-2-tbsp. turmeric powder,      1/2-tbsp. garam masala

3 tbsp. green chilly paste

3 tbsp. corn flour, salt.


Boil banana in pressure cooker. Peel out the skin and mash them. Mix turmeric powder, garam masala, green chilly paste, salt and corn flour. Make 20-22 equal balls.


For the Filling: 100 grams ricota cheese

1/4 tsp. nutmeg powder

7-8 almond's powder

3-4 cardamom's powder.



Mix ricota cheese, nutmeg powder, almond powder and cardamom powder. Make small balls for the filling.

Press a banana ball in the palms and fill in with a ball. Round it up and then flatten. Deep-fry the round balls in oil. These are called koftas.


For the Ground masala:

1-cup grated coconut,      50 grams peanuts

1-cup coriander leaves,      4-5 green chilies

2-tbsp. sugar, 2-tsp. cumin seeds,      lemon juice, salt


Roast peanuts and cumin seeds and grind all other ingredients to paste.


For the Curry:

500 grams dry peas,      1-tsp. cumin seeds

1 pinch soda,      1-tbsp. butter

salt,      1/2-cup tomato pulp.


Cook the peas by adding a pinch of soda along with the water. Grind it in the mixer.

Melt butter in a pot. Add cumin seeds. Pour tomato pulp. Mix crushed peas, salt and boil. Add grounded paste. Cook for 5 more minutes and add more water if needed.

Just a few minutes before serving add the koftas. Serve warm.


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