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For the puri: (100),

2cups cream of wheat,      1 pinch soda,

2-tsp. Sugar.

Shift cream of wheat and mix sugar and soda.


Knead the flour to puri like consistency. Knead well. If necessary, add a little water. Cover with a wet cloth. Make small pieces from the dough and roll to puri.

Heat oil in a pan, fry the puri with a little pressing, so that puri swells. Keep the puri separately.


For the filling:

cup channa,       cup green grams, 3-4.


Soak green grams (moong) in water for 8-10 hours. Next day wash and squeeze water and tie in a cloth so, that root come out. In a frying pan add 2-tsp. Oil and when it is heated add sprouted green grams and then add water and boil, add a little turmeric powder and salt.

Soak channa for 6-8 hours and boil, boil and cut them into pieces.


For the water:

1 small bunch of mint leaves      1-cup cilantro leaves

2 tbsp. Cumin seeds      4-5 green chilies

tbsp. Black salt      1 tbsp. Tamarind

4-5 pepper seeds      1 pinch asafetidaa small piece

15 cup water.


Tamarind chutney:


50 gms tamarind,      150 grams date,

100 grams brown sugar,      salt ,

2 tbsp. Cumin seeds,       tbsp. Black salt,

1 tbsp. Red chili powder.


Take tamarind, dates and brown sugar in a pot. Add water and boil for 2 minutes and remove. Cool and grind and shift the juice. Add salt, cumin seeds powder, black salt and red chili powder and mix well.



Take a puri and break it a little in the center and add channa, sprouted green grams. And pieces. Add a little tamarind chutney. In a bowl take pani puri water and add this water to puri and serve.


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