2015 JAINA Ratna Award will be conferred on- Dilip V Shah past JAINA president


For the 2007-2009 term, he served as JAINA President. During his term in office as President, JAINA achieved many milestones: •NGO STATUS to JAINA: The UN recognized JAINA as a humanitarian organization and JAINA was awarded an NGO status of the Economic and Social Council. Now we have opportunities to express Jain point of view where issues of Aid or Development are discussed at the world body. •Updated JAINA Constitution: After six years of deliberations, changes to the 1994 Constitution were finalized, debated and approved by the overwhelming majority of the JAINA Directors. •JAINA Headquarters: Established the JAINA headquarters at the Jain Center of America (NY), the birthplace of JAINA. For very first time, JAINA has a physical place (Not a post office box number) where our members or scholars arriving from India can visit. •MANGALAM: A weekly ½ hour TV show was launched highlighting JAINA’s activities. •A liaison office for JAINA in Mumbai: This enables JAINA to perform useful functions such as small banking transactions or mass mailing in India with ease. •The Campus Outreach initiative of JAINA will help establish Jain Students Associations on campuses connecting our youth to local Jain centers and also facilitate contact with each other. •JAINA DIASPORA: A forum JAINA established for the Jain communities all over the world to come together and discuss common issues. JAINA’s leadership role in this movement is endorsed and admired by many Jain leaders worldwide. •JAINA Convention even during the hard economic times of 2009 was a great success