Jain Samaj Europe


32 Oxford Street Leicester, LE1 5XU

Jain Samaj Europe is now into the 30th Year of the arrival of the Anjansalaka Pratimas of Shree Shantinath, Shree Parshwanath and Shree Mahavirswami Bhagwan. Please support and join in the celebrations which are progressing very well with full devotion and enthusiasm.

Bhaghwan Shree Mahavirswami’s shashan is flourishing due the Chaturvidha Sangh (monks,nuns lay jains).The images in our temple will be completing 30 auspicious years this year. The arrival of the images brought joy to every Jain household. With the blessings of Shantinath Bhaghwan and Adinath Bhaghwan we have all benefitted from the Jain Centre and made progress in our lives.

In all events of the Jain Centre our elders have supported fully in various ways and the fruits of their punya are enjoyed by you all as well.

It is now time that you become the torch bearer and help in the following schemes and make your organisation stronger. Many of you have achieved flying colours in your education and are in well deserved employment.

It is our utmost desire to make our Sadharan Fund(fund used in daily running of the Jain centre) strong for future generation. This fund is used for staff salary, insurance, heating, lighting and repairs etc. We seek your help to that end and we are sure that your donation will be forth coming.