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A Few Words


Universal Declaration of the Rights of Animals


My Visit to A Dairy Farm

  Dairy Cows - Life, Usage, and Sufferings (New York Times)
  Cows� Body Parts � Common Usage � Sale Price
  Recycling of Slaughterhouses Waste (Rendering Plants)
  Milk � Its Impact on Health, Cruelty, and Pollution
  Is Nothing Sacred? - Cruelty towards India�s Holy Animals
  Varakh (Silver Foil)
  Facts about Eggs
  Story of Silk
  Story of Pearls
  The Myth About Milk

Puppy Mills: Breeding Ills

  Alternatives to Animal Abuse

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Vegetarian Definition


Recommended Reading Material

  List of Organizations of Animal care and Nonviolent Activities

Excerpts - How our Diet affects the Environment

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List of Organizations of Animal care and Nonviolent Activities:



List of Organizations of Animal care and Nonviolent Activities:

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)

501 Front St., Norfolk, VA, USA 23510

757-622-PETA (7382), fax: 757-622-0457

Web Site: www.peta-online.org, e-mail: [email protected]

Exposes animals abuse and promote respect for animals. Its credo is, �Animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, or use for entertainment.� PETA is probably the largest organization of its kind, now has global presence in many countries.

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM)

P.O. Box 6322, Washington DC, USA 20015

202-686-2210, fax: 202-686-2216,

Web site: www.pcrm.org, e-mail: [email protected]

Comprised of physicians and lay members; promotes nutrition, preventive medicine, and ethical research practices; publishers of Good Medicine magazine. PCRM is all pro-animals! Not only they stand for strictly vegetarian diets, but also against using animals in laboratories. They lobby hard in the Congress for eliminating meat and dairy from food pyramid, which is taught in schools and used as a guideline for serving lunches.

Vegetarian Resource Group

P.O. Box 1463, Baltimore, MD, USA 21203

410-366-8343, fax: 410-366-8804

Web site: www.vrg.org

Dedicated to health, ecology, ethics, and world hunger education; produces and sells books and pamphlets. One also finds vegetarian and vegan recipes, vegetarian and vegan nutrition information, vegetarian and vegan cookbooks, Vegetarian Journal excerpts, vegetarian travel information, vegetarian and vegan brochures, and even a Vegetarian Game. Also their travel guide for restaurants at http://www.veg.org/veg/Guide/USA/ is most useful

Beauty Without Cruelty - India

4, Prince of Wales' Drive, Post Box 1518, Wanowrie, PUNE 411 040, INDIA

Web site: www.bwcindia.org

The organization in India, Beauty Without Cruelty, strives to educate the people about various aspects of living a cruelty-free lifestyle. They define it as �A way of life which causes no creature of land, sea, or air, terror, torture or death.�

American Vegan Society

P.O. Box H, Malaga, NJ, USA 08328


Has an extensive list of available vegetarian books and sponsors annual conferences; oldest American vegetarian organization.

Vegan Outreach

10410 Forbes Rd., Pittsburgh, PA, USA 15235

Web site: www.veganoutreach.org

Distributes the informative booklet, Why Vegan?


600 Distillery Commons, Suite. 200, Louisville, KY, USA 40206


Web site: www.earthsave.org, e-mail: [email protected]

An organization committed to environmental and health education; provides materials and support for people who are becoming vegetarian.

Vegan Action

P.O. Box 4353, Berkeley, CA, USA 94704-0353


Web site: www.vegan.org

Distributes information on vegan diets and lifestyles and campaigns for the increased availability of vegan foods.

North American Vegetarian Society

P.O. Box 72, Dolgeville, NY, USA 13329


e-mail: [email protected]

Web site: www.cyberveg.org/navs, - www.navs-online.org,

Dedicated to the promotion of vegetarianism through education, publications, and annual conferences.