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Internet work by Shiwali


By Kumari Satyavati Bahan Ji

Story 01
Nemi and Rajul

Story 02
Lord Mahaveera

Story 03
Bad Result of gambling

Story 04
Result of Prostitution

Story 05
Result of Dishonesty

Story 06
Kind Heart

Story 07
Courageous Girl

Story 08

Story 09
Result of Worship

Story 10
Non Voilence

Story 11
Spirit of Worship

Story 12
Change of Heart

Story 13
True Wood Cutter

Story 14
The Greedy King

Story 15
Help The Needy

Story 16
Result of Vegetarianism

Story 17
Importance of Namokar Mantra

Story 18
Father And Son

Story 19
Power Of Unity

Story 20
Bags of Evils

Story 21
King And The Gardener

Story 22
God is Everywhere

Story 23
The Fruits of Good Work

Story 24
The Greedy Monkey

Story 25
The Power of Namokar Mantra

Story 26
True Age

Story 27
Result of Pride

Story 28
The Greedy Dog

Story 29
Thief Meets Thief

Story 30
Importance of Company

Story 31
One Rupee

Story 32
World Condition

Story 33
True Study