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Our Mission*24L* has already translated in all of 24 designated languages, representing the 24 Tirthankars. Mission *24L* is like a modern day "Samavasharan" or assembly of Thirthankars who made the core values of Jainism accessible to all, all the time, in all the languages.

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My soul characterised by knowledge and faith is alone eternal. All other phases of my existence to which I am attached are external occurrences that are transitory.
Mahavira (Niyamasara, 99)
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This web site combines the aspirations of JAINS around the globe and is being positioned to link various aspects of our lives like - religious, social, philosophical, cultural etc. cutting across all barriers. Objective is to create a complete knowledge-base of authentic and original scripts and various commentaries on them. Special emphasis is on how this can help us in day-to-day life now and keep us ahead in the days to come.

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