Justice T.U.Mehta

Asrava (Influx)

It means influx of karmic matter into the self, resulting from good or bad actions. The root of the word Asrava is ‘Sru' meaning ‘to ooze, or to trickle'. When karmic forces flow to the self, it is called the process of Asrava-influx. When the self activates in Samsara and indulges in deeds, good or bad, there is an inflow of karmic matters towards the self and these are received by it.

How this happens ? Soul is dynamic in character and always conscious enough to receive the impulses or sensations, caused by worldly objects when it is still in union with Ajiva. This results in vibratory of the soul which generates a sort of magnetic force. This magnetic force attracts the karmic matter through the agency of body, mind and speech. This is how the flow starts. This flow is Asrava.

Asrava is of two types, namely, Bhava-asrava (psychical) and Dravya-asrava (physical). Bhava is internal impulse resulting from psychic disposition. In other words, modification of consciousness by which karma gets into the soul is known as psychical influx. This leads to actual action which results in Dravya Asrava. We can say that karmic matter itself which enters the soul is called physical influx. In the words of Dr.Mohan Lal Mehta ‘psychical influx is nothing but the mental, bodily or vocal activity, whereas physical influx is a peculiar type of matter. Bhava is always more important as without it Dravya cannot come into existence, and the influx of persons with passions extends transmigration and that of persons free from passions prevents or shortens it.