Justice T.U.Mehta

Attainment of Kaivalya

His soul took the final jump in the thirteenth year of his life as an ascetic when he was 42 years of age. It was on the 10th day of the brighter half of the month of Vaisakha during Uttaraphalguni Naksatra when he was in deep meditation on the bank of river Rjubalika outside the town of Jrmbhika (believed to be near Pavapuri in Bihar). He now attained complete enlightenment and became an ‘Arhat', a Kevalin who can objectively comprehend all objects and events of the universe, one who is himself pure knowledge, having no desire, one who is all compassion for everything, and one who holds his body, mind and name only to serve the universe selflessly by teaching the path of salvation to others.

From this point onwards, he preached his gospel of Ahimsa for thirty years by moving on foot from East to West of India, by organizing the Sangha and sending his missionaries to various places.

His style of preaching was unique. He never insisted that his disciples and those who came to him to seek solace to behave only in a particular manner. After giving his own explanation he used to say "Oh dear one of Gods (Devanupriya) now act according to your pleasure (Jahasukham)."

He was outspoken, but did not utter anything unless it was absolutely necessary. So long as he was alive he saw to it that a strict discipline was maintained in his order of monks and nuns. Meghakumara was one of the sons of king Bimbisara (Srenika). He entered the order of Monks taking Samnyasa from Mahavira. Being the junior most in the order of monks he had to sleep at a place, very uncomfortable and all passersby were occasionally stumbling against him. Being a prince reared up in royal comforts, he felt humiliated and made a grievance. But the master, who was a strict disciplinarian, admonished him and made him conscious of his duties.