Justice T.U.Mehta

Consequences of Karma Theory

This, in short, is the bare outline of Jaina theory of Karmas. Following are the direct logical consequences which flow from this theory.

(1) Once you believe that universal phenomenon are governed by the law of causation, you rule out the existence of any outside agency to govern our fate.

(2) The theory is based on the premise that Karmic forces which set the law of causation into motion are eternal and their motivating force called Jiva is also, eternal and there is no need to import the idea of a creator, sustainer and a destroyer.

(3) Theory of Karma rules out the propitiation of gods for seeking their favour to save yourselves from calamities.

(4) On the contrary, the theory insists on self reliance and asks us to develop our own moral character and increase our spiritual power to save ourselves from evil effects of our own past Karmas.

(5) You have to own your ethical responsibility for the good and bad things and it is possible to discharge this responsibility with equanimity and understanding.