Justice T.U.Mehta

Education Rather than Exposure

When he again visited ‘Morak Sannivesa' he found there one astrologer named ‘Acchandaka'. He was earning his livelihood by cheating ignorant masses by performing some magical feats. Mahavira knew his tricks and decided to expose him. Mahavira did possess better power to impress people with the result that people began to desert the magician, who then went to Mahavira and told him that his presence in the village would destroy his bread and he would be rendered homeless and his family would starve. While on the other hand, a recluse like Mahavira, could go anywhere. He prayed to have pity on him and his family and shift to some other place. Mahavira realised his mistake of showing unnecessary public spirit (which today is exhibited by many busybodies) and decided not to exhibit his spiritual power in such a manner in future. Education rather than exposure is the foundation of Mahavira's teaching, and it is here that our Marxist friends would perhaps differ.