Justice T.U.Mehta

Even good actions bind, if motivated

While talking of karmic bondages, it must be noted that Jainism does not approve of even so called good actions resulting in ‘Punya' meaning righteousness or virtues, if they are done with a motive to earn something in return either in this life or in the next, because the good actions taken with such motives result in the bondages of ‘Punya'. Law of causation would surely give you proper reward for your good actions, but this will not result in total liberation which is the final goal of spiritual ascendency. Such actions therefore result in the bondage of golden chains and it matters not if the chains which bind you are made of gold or of iron. Such actions are therefore described as Punyanubandhi Papa meaning sin having a gloss of righteousness. There are certain undesirable actions which a man is compelled to take to protect some virtues. For example, a molester of a helpless victim is required to be killed to save the victim. Such an action results in Papanubandhi Punya meaning, virtue having the gloss of sin. These are different types of bondages which follow their own course of duration and intensity depending upon various factors including the factor of attachment of detachment.