Justice T.U.Mehta

Fresh Karmas

Self, in its dynamic march through worldly lives is constantly earning and shedding karmas. It earns further karmic bondages even while suffering the fruits of the past karmas, if it does not suffer the said fruits with equanimity and objectivity. A person who passes through some calamity-mental or physical grumbles against his fate or loses temper and commits acts of indiscretion and violence with a view to avoid the uncomfortable circumstances in which he is placed. Another man who is passing through a period of prosperity or is invested with some power over his fellow men or lower creatures, and while enjoying this prosperity and power, he commits acts of indiscretion and violence. Both these persons are reaping the fruits of their past or present karmas, but while doing so, they are creating fresh and further bondages by their acts of indiscretion and violence. Even acceptance of fruits of good and bad karmas with over joy or sadness disturbs the mental equilibrium and results in fresh bondage of karmas.

Therefore, the ideal way to face the fruits of ones karmas is to face them calmly, objectively and peacefully with full equanimity of mind. If you are oppressed with pains, treat the occasion with equanimity and understanding, thinking within yourself that it is a good opportunity to shed your karmas which have been of your own creation out of some ignorance. If you are passing through a period of pleasure, thank the scheme of Universe which has not failed to reward your good actions of the past, and be prepared to do further good without any strings of desires attached to it. One should constantly remember that pleasure and pain are the inseparable constituent of life and the true art of living consists in learning to bear both with equanimity and understanding. If this is done, no fresh karmic bondages are evolved while reaping the fruits of our past karmas.