Justice T.U.Mehta

Self, the starting point

They point out that the essential and basic requirement of spiritual development is the full conviction about the nature of the ‘self' and the efficacy of the role of Nine Tattvas in the spiritual journey. This conviction is the starting point in the journey. This spiritual journey is possible only after one is convinced that material objects of the world are alien to the ‘self', that the real nature of the ‘self' is all Bliss and all joy, also that this bliss and joy are not available to him because the luminosity of the ‘self' is clouded by the material karmas due to the attachment towards worldly objects, foreign to it, it would naturally set on finding out the means for dispelling clouds of these material karmas. In fact, every one of us inherits the capacity to dispel the clouds. i.e., alien materials covering the soul. What is required is the will and the eagerness to realise the real nature of self.