Bhadrabahu Vijay

Tapasya and the codes of conduct:

Food has been considered inevitable for existence. It has been considered essential. The impact of food falls on the body as well as on the mind. " The food we eat determines the nature of our minds". Moreover there is the epigram, "As is the food; so is the mood" Such statements are certainly true. They contain truth. The body helps us in our spiritual endeavors. The enlightened men have prescribed the quantity of food to be taken; the time at which food should be taken and the kinds of food that should be taken to keep the body vigorous and healthy. They have made a beautiful analysis of these points. They have pointed out some austerities to get rid of karmas; moreover, they have also prescribed some prohibitions in respect of eating and drinking. Just as total fasting is a tapasya, even restriction to some kinds of to be taken is also a kind of tapascharya; austerity.

Twelve kinds of austerities have been described. Of these, six are external and six are internal.

Bahya External: means that which can be seen.

Abhyantar Internal:means that which cannot be seen externally.