Bhadrabahu Vijay


A Jin is one who typifies the Jain dharma ! Jin means Victor! conqueror! The ultimate and absolute aim of life is salvation - Mukti! Deliverance! Two powerful impediments to the attainment of salvation are attachment and hatred. These two have been considered the inner enemies. They are the two enemies that entangle the Soul (Atma) in the cycle of birth and rebirth. Such passions as desire, anger, miserliness, arroggance and envy are but the offspring or the manifestations of the two passions, namely, attachment and hatred. One who attains an absolute victory over these enemies is known as Jin. He is also known by other names.

Arihanta - ARI = enemy, HANT = destroyer. One who destroys the inner enemies.

Arhan - One who is worthy of being worshipped.

Vitrag - One who is devoid of attachment and hatred.

Sarvajna - One who knows everything -The Omniscient.

Parameshthi - One who has attained the Parampad or the highest state.

Sarvadarshi - One who is all-seeing.

These Jins have in their lives personally lived the dharma and showed to the world the path of attainment and that has become the dhama for Sadhakas, those who try to achieve it. The Jins give form to it; and hence it is named Jin dharma.