Bhadrabahu Vijay

Alcoholic drinks should be renounced

When we think of it from the religious point of view we find that liquor encourages the harmful propensities of the mind. The alcoholic drinks exercise a serious effect upon our conduct. Moreover,they are harmful even to the body:and this point is evident. The alcohol that gets into the stomach slowly passes into the liver, the small intestines and into the blood through the blood veins. Then gradually, it spreads throughout the body. Alcohol may get into the large intestine. When one takes alcohol on empty stomach, It gets drawn into the intestines forcibly and at a great speed. Within 10 to 30 minutes, alcohol gets into the blood, and reaches every part of the body The loss of health people suffer is in proportion to the speed with which the alcohol runs through the body alcohol may cause ulcers in the stomach and harm to the heart and the kidney. The poison of alcohol makes blood thick and makes it clot or harden.

On account of excessive drinking of alcohol, the blood vessels of the heart grow weak and powerless an the eyes begin to burn. Drinking also causes vomiting; fatigue, perspiration and a shivering through out the body besides spoiling and reducing the appetite.

Alcohol increases anger, worry, fear, misery and gloom besides causing excitement. It increases tension in the mind; and the increased tension makes the blood hot. The digestive power grows weak because of the effect of alcohol. A substance called Acetyl Colon appears where the muscles and pulse centres are collected together; and that substance mixing with other substances produces carbon and other such things. In this condition, lactic acid begins to increase; and it destroys the smoothness of the body. The skin becomes rough and there appear obstacles in the blood circulation system and in the muscle-tissues.

Dr. Voltaire C. Recklese, a Professor in the University of Ohio has written in his book, "Crime Problem" that drinking alcoholic liquors, intoxicating medicines and abnormal sexual propensities have a great share in causing criminal tendencies in men