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Why should we not eat certain types of food?

(Prohibited food)

Certain kinds of food like pulses should be given up. They are prohibited by Dharma because they are generative of life and so eating them amounts to violence. Moreover, according to the science of health and physiology, by the mixing of certain things, certain substances that can cause chemical reactions, are produced. They convert foreign substances into poisons which get into the body Since they do not get out of the body in the form of perspiration etc., they get into blood and pollute it. On account of this it may become polluted and ooze out causing skin-diseases. Therefore, We should not eat raw pulses like green gram, black gram, bengal gram, beans etc., mixing them with raw milk or curds. The Jain dharma has prohibited the consumption of such food under the name, Dwidal Tyag(The renunciation of pulses).In addition to this, we should not consume such thlngs as fruit salad, ice-cream, fruit-shrikand(fruit slices mixed with sugar and curds),Dahi fruit(fruit mixed with curds) and all antibiotic medicines since they are made up of different substances the combination of which is harmful to our health.