Bhadrabahu Vijay

Why should we not eat green and raw vegetables on some special days?

The rules and principles relating to food in the Jain dharma are based on considerations relating to health and non- violence (giving protection to creatures). There is a profound scientific reason underlying the principle of prohibiting the consuming of green vegetables on festivals and festive occasions You may see what it is ?

There is a strong gravitational force acting between the earth and the moon. The gravitational force of the moon is greater on the water on the earth. The ebb and tide in the seas also change in accordance with the waning and waxing of the moon. If we think of the revolution of the moon around the earth, we find that the moon comes a little nearer the earth, on such days of the Shukla Paksh the bright fortnight and the Krishna Paksh the bleak fortnight as Panchmi (the fifth day ), Ashtami the Eighth day, the eleventh day, the fourteenth day, the new-moon day and the full-moon day.