Bhadrabahu Vijay

The Jain Libraries

Both ancient and modern books are carefully kept and preserved in the Jain Libraries which are known as Jnan Mandirs. Even today, we can find in these libraries large numbers of manuscripts (written on palm leaves or cloth). Very careful and systematic arrangements are made for their preservation. Some (granthas) great scriptures collected years ago are available in a good condition, even today in these libraries. The Jain libraries in Jaisalmer, Bikaner, Patan, Khambhat Limbadi, Koday (in Cutch) Ahmedabad, Dabhci, Bombay etc., are worth-visiting.

Manuscripts of one thousand years ago or even earlier are available in these libraries. The specialty of the Jain libraries lies in the fact that in those libraries, not only Jain granthas but also various other Indian and foreign books are available in a well preserved condition. Scholars, lovers of knowledge, research workers and students can make use of these books for acquiring knowledge and for teaching.