Bhadrabahu Vijay

The Jain Choultries

(Places providing lodging and Boarding)

When Jains go to other places on some purposes, they can stay in the Choultries run for such people. They can stay in the Choultries paying only a nominal fee. But those who stay there have to conform to the rules and principles of Jain dharma and its tenets. Rooms, beds, pillows, cots, water and all such facilities are available in those choultries.

In the same manner, in the Jain Bhoianshalas (Choultries where food is served) pure but rich vegetarian food is available for a nominal amount. Anyone who accepts the Jain culture and principles can get food in these Choultries. Eating food in the nights eating roots, eating stale food, raw pulses and objectionable kinds of food are prohibited in these choultries.

In most Jain Pilgrim centres such Choultries and homes are available, so that the visitors may not experience any inconveniences for food and shelter. Of late such Choultries have been constructed in small and large towns and cities. In fact, in some Dharmashalas and Bhojanshalas modern facilities also are available.

Every institution of the Jain society is run and managed with the financial assistance extended by the magnanimous and well-to-do Jains. For the maintenance of these various institutions, every year, crores of rupees are being spent. In case there is any necessity, the Jain institutions found all over India help one another.