Bhadrabahu Vijay

The Jain Pilgrim Centres

The Jain pilgrim-centres are famous throughout the world, for their simple but sublime temples, and for their atmosphere of peace and felicity. For the most part, the Jain pilgrim centres are located among pellucid streams in mountainous areas, They are situated among trees and plants, which stand in dense rows and among hills, pools, valleys and the atmosphere there is quiet, calm and peaceful. They are also remarkable for their solitude; so anyone who goes there meets himself; comes face to face with himself. The pilgrim-centres are located in such a peaceful and fascinating environment with the objective of enabling human beings to get away from the tensions and worries of life and to concentrate on the welfare of their souls. The beautiful scenery of the sylvan surroundings, the temples whose high towers seem to touch the skies and clouds, the images whose faces are resplendent with cheerfulness and felicity, the atmosphere that is holy - all these confer upon people felicity, sanctity and naturalness. Even today, hundreds of such holy places in Shatrunjay, Girnar, Abu, Taranga, Kumbharia, Shankheswar, Delwada, Jaisalmer, Sammet-shikkar, Ranakpur, Pavapuri, Rajgrihi etc., provide light and guidance to millions of people to pursue the path of peace and purity. But for the maintenance of the purity and sanctity of the atmosphere and environments in those places. some rules are to be carefully observed by visitors. The pilgrim-centres come within the mass experimental field. It is our duty to maintain and preserve their purity and sanctity.