Bhadrabahu Vijay

Samiti and Gupti

Limits and Restraints

The Jineshwar has given some beautiful precepts to enable people to pursue the path of spiritual attainment even while living in the mundane world. By observing those principles, not only the individual but also the family, the society and the nation can attain radiance. Of those principles, Samiti and Gupti are of great importance. Of course, those principles relate to a life of spiritual attainment or the life of an ascetic but if we bear in mind those principles, while we are engaged in our daily activities, surely, we can live a wholesome life.

The Five Samitis

The five limits

Samiti means living by exercising a restraint or discipline over the propensities and actions that are essential to lead our lives.

1. Irya-samiti - Limit in movement

Moving about; going somewhere and returning with an absolute care and circumspection so that no harm or violence is done to any Jiva; so that no trouble or pain is caused even to any small creature by our movements.

2. Bhasha-samiti- Limit in speech

Not uttering anything that is disagreeable to anyone or that pains the heart of anyone; but speaking such words as please others at least a little; speaking the truth in a sweet and soft manner. Speech indicates the mind.

3. Eshana-samiti- Limit of articles

Eating faultless and prescribed kinds of food; and using only faultless and prescribed kinds of dress and vessels ( This specially applies to the life of a Sadhu).

4. Adan-nikshepan Samiti Limit in respect of receiving and keeping the necessary things.

Being careful in receiving and keeping the things that are necessary for existence; taking care not to cause violence to creatures.

5. Parishtapanika Samiti Limit in respect of throwing away articles.

Taking care not to cause harassment or violence to anyone in throwing out or taking out things; and taking care to see that no creature is harmed or troubled by such actions.

The Three Guptis


Gupti means restraining or concealing. The inner meaning of this Gupti is to keep off the inauspicious and impure propensities and actions of the mind, voice and body and to have pure and auspicious propensities and to act according to them.

1. Manogupti- Restraint of the mind

Not entertaining evil thoughts; and endeavoring to free the mind from sinful propensities and to impel it to think of the progress of the soul.

2. Vachan Gupti- Restraint on speech

Not uttering any evil or disagreeable things; not speaking unnecessarily; practising silence, being silent and not giving any reply in anger

3. Kaya Gupti- Restraint on the body

Giving up such actions of the body as making unnecessary movements; unnecessarily sitting down and getting up; wandering about; walking about wastefully etc.; but then sitting quiet and motionless in meditation contemplating on the soul.