Bhadrabahu Vijay

The Jain Literature

The realm of the Jain literature is so vast and profound that even to give an ordinary and brief introduction to it, it will be necessary to write a huge volume. Mainly, there are forty five Jain Agamas philosophical works which are regarded as the most ancient and authoritative works, Not only the entire Jain Agam literature but the whole of the Jain literature has been classified into the four categories mentioned bellow

1. Dravyanuyog

These works contain a detailed description and analysis of the various philosophical doctrines, discussions knowledge of doctrines, and theories. There are discussions of these things.

2. Ganitanuyog

These works contain information about mathematics, geography, astronomy, astrology etc.

3. Charankarananuyog

These works comprise a lot of information about the principles of conduct and observance, the method of living; and the way of life in this world.

4. Dharmakathanuyog

This class comprises works relating to stories, information, fables, art, literature, history, sculpture, fiction, poetry etc.

Jain literature dealing with all subjects:

There is no subject on which Jain Acharyas, Jain Sadhus, and Jain scholars have not written. Their works include history, life-sciences, the science of matter, grammar, literature, prosody, art, aesthetics, dramas, music, songs, astrology, sculpture, Ayurved, physiology, psychology, politics, dictionaries and encyclopaedias, poetry, stories etc. Just as the Jain literature is available in Sanskrit, Prakrit, Ardhmagadhi, so also it is available in the form of published works in such regional languages as Vraj, Tamil, Kannad, Rajasthani, Gujarati, Maithili etc.