Handbook of Jainism

Jain Books

  1. Introduction

  2. Universe

  3. Consideration of aspects or ways of knowing things

  4. Man as he actually is

  5. Karmas

  6. Causes of karmas

  7. Man as he may become

  8. Means to the end

  9. Stages of development (GUNASTHANA)

  10. First stage of development

  11. Second stage of development

  12. Third stage of development

  13. Fourth stage of development Part-1

  14. Love (Daya)

  15. Soiling of the right attitude

  16. Scale of living beings

  17. Means whereby the right attitude maybe obtained

  18. Time

  19. Thirty-five rules of conduct

  20. Fourth stage of development-part-2

  21. Fifth stage of development

  22. Twelve special rules of conduct

  23. Sixth to fourteenth stages of development

  24. Synthesis or Recapitulatiion

  25. Bibliography