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My Visit to A Dairy Farm Article


Subject: Thank you for opening my eyes

Date: Fri, 5 Sep 1997 12:40:23 -1000

From: "h2oMan" <[email protected]>


Your message brought tears to my eyes. Literally. At one time I too felt that there was no way I would give up the burfies, lassies, halwas, and ghee reeking rice dishes etc. After all what was Indian food without the heavenly aroma of satvic ghee? And did not our saints use them? At the same time I knew I was but a liar, and worst, to my own self. Only on making a commitment to a vegan diet and life-style could I find peace. Knowing that cows and other animals suffer as they do on the animal farms, it is not possible to use them or their excretions as guilt free nurture. And now I learn that even in India we are subjecting the cows to the tortures of dairy technology!


You cannot know what inspiration you have given me to hear another Indian take the vegan view on butter, milk, etc. I am saving your post to show others and to use in times I may find myself making excuses.




Date: Thu, 20 Aug 1998 12:11:05 -0700From: "Baid, Jyoti" <[email protected]>


That was a very complete and well-written article on the dairy industry in USA. Even after having read numerous articles on the subject its left me extremely disturbed.


I've been almost vegan for over 2 years now, since I first heard this horror story. My husband is gradually converting and our son is born with dairy allergy…………

Jyoti Baid


Date: Mon, 29 Sep 1997 09:15:46 +0500From: Sailu <[email protected]>

Moods are off after I gone through your mail. Actually I have seen your mail two days back. In these two days whenever I take a sip of Tea I am just getting all that matter what you've written. It is really paining to digest the facts. …………………………………



Date: Tue, 23 Sep 1997 00:32:55 -0400 (EDT)

From: [email protected]


Many thanks for sharing your tour of the dairy. My stomach curdled with dismay. I am an imperfect vegan. I heard Howard Lyman's speech and a woman animal life right activist came to me in a dream. My father, from Orissa had a heart attack from a meat-centered diet. He is a semi-veg now, and has returned to the plant-based diet of his ancestral past. Your account was moving and I thank you. I will be sharing it, a lot!

Anita Pati @ AOL.com


Date: 25 Aug 98 11:59:27 -0700

From: [email protected]>


Your article was very nice. I don't belong to the Jain community but I am a Tamil vegetarian trying to become a vegan and I am all for non-violence. We have a bunch of animals (dogs, cats, cows, goats.., rats (?)) at home and we try to be as nice as possible to these creatures. I could make sense out of every word you had written.



Date: Thu, 04 Sep 1997 12:13:29 -0700

From: Janak Lalan <[email protected]>


I am thankful to Mr. Pravin Shah for giving such information. I am sure very soon you will realize that you have done very great thing. You are real 'Jain'.

Bina Lalan


Date: Mon, 08 Sep 1997 16:38:50 -0700From: Deepak Patel <[email protected]>

I like your mail very much. I know that it's not a question of liking or disliking, it's horrible fact. I am vegi ………….

Deepak Patel - Bay Networks Inc.


Date: Wed, 19 Aug 1998 08:33:28 -0700 (PDT)

From: Frank Riela <[email protected]>


Your note affirmed in me all the reasons I have been vegan for several years now. Although disturbing to read these things, it's good to be reminded of why we live a certain way. What I mean is ... being vegan has simply been for me ... the way I eat.


Also, all my blood work continues to be excellent. Low cholesterol, good iron levels, etc. Since I've been vegan my weight is naturally maintained at the right level and I feel healthy, both physically and in spirit.

Frank Riela


Date: Sun, 2 Nov 1997 08:28:43 -0500From:"Ian R.Duncan"

I greatly appreciated your bringing to the jainlist the subject of the dairy industry, even though it would have caused a lot of anxiety among some readers.


There is of course a flourishing vegan tradition in "the west", including the USA, based on health & moral considerations rather than exclusively religious ones,


Ian Duncan, Rome, Italy


Date: Thu, 20 Aug 1998 10:48:15 -0400

From: Joanne Stepaniak <[email protected]>


I was forwarded your article "My Visit to a Dairy Farm" and would like to thank you for all that you are doing to bring vegan awareness to the Jain community. Although I am not Jain, I support the philosophy and ethics behind the Jain way of life.


I am the author of several vegan cookbooks including "The Uncheese Cookbook" and "Vegan Vittles," among others. In my books I reiterate the plight of the dairy cow, as it is such an overlooked and vitally important issue. ………….


It is wonderful that you made the commitment to become vegan when you were "older." You are a beautiful example for all -- young and old -- who might feel it is too difficult to change. I wish you the best with your endeavors. You are doing very valuable and important work.


Joanne Stepaniak - [email protected]



Date: Mon, 24 Aug 1998 09:36:19 -0400 (EDT)From: "K. R. Shah" <[email protected]>

I wanted to add that we recently had a wedding reception for our son Nikhil in Bombay, India where the menu was entirely vegan and no one noticed! We received very many complements regarding the delicious food items.

Kirti R. shah - Toronto, Canada


Date: Mon, 22 Sep 1997 09:15:53 -0500From: Mona shah <[email protected]>

I have read your article "my visit to a dairy farm" and liked the personal perspective you gave.


I am already vegan in diet and try to be in other materials as well like clothes etc. I feel that the biggest thing left to change for me is reducing or eliminating use of animal products in Jain rituals. My parents and our Jain center still incorporate animal products in these rituals.

Mona Shah


Date: Wed, 02 Sep 1998 12:50:47 EDT

From: "Kingcross Beach" <[email protected]>


Thanks for the e-mail with valuable information. I am ashamed to realize how ignorant I am. I will also share this information with my friends.

N. Ravi


Date: Mon, 24 Aug 1998 12:25:57 PDTFrom: "PARIND SHAH" <[email protected]>

I read your article on COW'S MILK through e-mail sent by one of my respected uncle here. I came here 1.5 years back, since then I try not to eat KANDMUL and so far I'm successful in doing so most of the times But I do use milk and its products…..I'm terrified by the facts I read. Can you please explain how you avoid milk and its products in every day life?


Parind Shah.


Date: Mon, 24 Aug 1998 21:33:14 EDTFrom: [email protected] (Haresh Mehta)

My name is Riddhi Mehta and I am 16 years old and I just moved to Boston, MA from Columbia, SC.

I was deeply hurt by the info you gave me, not your opinion, but the story and the manslaughter.


In May of 97', I stopped eating eggs and cheese (because of rennet) because of a lecture that Guru Chitrabhanuji gave in Columbia.


I thank you for informing me on what was oblivious to me.



Date: Tue, 21 Apr 1998 18:25:27 EDT

From: Instyplano <[email protected]>


Jai Jinendra! My name is Atul Khara. I am here in Dallas, Texas, past President and current Board Member of the Jain Society of North Texas.


First of all, thanks for the research and detailed article that was published in JivDaya. I am sure the articulate detail you have provided will help many Jains to decide against using dairy products.


One clarification I would like to make is that most of the Digambars do not use milk in the rituals. Also no scriptures supports the use of milk in rituals. Some Digambars in South have started using the milk in their rituals, which is direct influence of Hindu rituals.