Excerpts from the JINA'S TEACHINGS


1. Know though the Truth: He who abides by the precept of truth, attains the deathless state.


2. Dharma is the most auspicious of auspicious things, and it consists in Ahimsa, self-control and penance (curbing of desires). Even angels bow to him whose mind remains ever occupied with Dharma.


3. All living beings in this world suffer for their own deeds; no one can escape the good and bad consequences of the deeds committed by himself/herself.


4. Do not, therefore, commit sinful acts, for this life is bound to come to an end. Those who are drenched in lust and engrossed in sensual pleasures blindly will, for want of self-control, be deluded.


5. Venerable is he who views creatures as his own self and sees them all alike.


6. He who looketh on creatures, high and small, of the earth, as his own self, comprehendeth this immense universe.


7. To do harm to others is to do harm to oneself. Thou art he whom thou intendest to kill. Thou art he whom thou intendest to tyrannize over.


8. Greater is the victory of one who conquers his own self than of him who conquereth thousands and thousands formidable foes in a valiant fight. Fight with thyself, why fight with foes external? Happy is he who conquereth his self by his self.


9. Anger, conceit, deceit and avarice are the four evils that defile the soul. By calmness is anger overcome, by humility conceit, by straightness deceit, and by contentment avarice.


10. All the creatures of the earth look for happiness outside themselves, but true happiness must be sought inside the depth of one's own heart.


11. Neither the body, nor family, nor caste, is adorable. Who would have respect for those that are devoid of virtue ? One that has no merit is neither a Shramana nor a Shravaka.


12. Complete absence of ill-will towards every living being and good-will for all, inspire the life and activities of a sincere aspirant who does neither cover life nor desire death.




I bow to Him who has conquered fear, conquered all afflictions, conquered sensual vexations, conquered passions, emotions, attachment, aversion and delusion, and has conquered pleasure and pain. May my misery end and the Karmic forces be annihilated. May I attain enlightenment and meet a peaceful death. May thy feet, O' Noble Jina, the friend of all living beings, be my happy refuge !