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When the karman is entirely annihilated, the released one goes to the end of the world. Relieved of all matter, the soul ascends in a straight line during a samaya to the summit of the world, as a gourd freed from all filth sinks no longer to the bottom but rises to the surface of the water.


High above the Sarvarthasiddhi-heaven, close to the border between world and no-world, lies the magnificent region Isatpragbhara, is shape like an unfolded sun-shade. Thereto the blessed betake themselves in order to settle down permanently in the uppermost part of it, in Sita. Without visible shape, bodiless, but a dimension in space (immaterial) of 2/3 of that which they had during their last existence, they dwell there thenceforward into all eternity, and enjoy the infinite, incomparable, indestructible supernatural happiness of salvation.


Eternally ascending and descending periods of time are following one another in constant change, continually souls, infinite in number, are wandering through the terrible ocean of Samsara--unaffected by the doings of the world, the Siddha remains in his serene rest, freed from the torments of the bodily existence, released from the cycle of births and never returning to it.


The orbs of day and night, the wandering stars

Again to sight their heavenly courses bend;

The soul, released from grasp of earthly bars,

Soaring in highest space doth ne'er descend.