There are twenty-five different types of wrong beliefs:

1.      Stubbornly supporting the false view point, without

discrimination of true or false,

2.      Believing in all gods and teachers without discrimination,

3.      Persisting in views and opinions, in spite of knowing that they could be false,

4.      Suspicion about true religion,

5.      Absolute ignorance,

6.      Celebrating so-called festive or holy occasions of gods or teachers who do not conform to true religion,

7.      Worshipping Tirthankars with selfish motives,

8.      Agreeing with hypocrites,

9.      Considering living as non-living, and

10.      Considering non-living as living,

11.      Considering saint or monks as non-saintly or no monk,

12.      Considering non-saints or no monks as saints or monks,

13.      Considering liberated souls as non-liberated, and

14.      Considering non-liberated souls as liberated,

15.      Considering holy as unholy, and

16.      Considering unholy as holy,

17.      Considering the path of Jainism as equivalent to other paths, and

18.      Considering other faiths as equivalent to Jainism,

19.      Understating the facts of Jainism,

20.      Overstating the facts of Jainism, or

21.      Stating contrary to the facts of Jainism,

22.      Disrespecting teachers, saints, etc.,

23.      Not believing in religious practices,

24.      Glorifying ignorance, and

25.      Ill-behaving with teachers, saints, etc.


If I have indulged in any of these above twenty-five beliefs, personally, asked, or encouraged others to do so, then in the presence of infinite Siddhas and Kevalis, I ask for forgiveness. May all my such faults be dissolved. TASSA MICHCHHAMI DUKKADAM.