Four auspicious entities: Arihants are auspicious. Siddhas are auspicious. Sadhus are auspicious. The religion taught by Kevalis is auspicious.

Four supreme entities: Arihants are supreme. Siddhas are supreme. Sadhus are supreme. The religion taught by Kevalis is supreme.

I seek shelter in four. I seek shelter in Arihants. I seek shelter in Siddhas. I seek shelter in Sadhus. I seek shelter in the religion taught by Kevalis.

Those who accept these four auspicious supreme entities, and seek their shelters, will cross the ocean of life and end all Karmas. The endless happiness of Moksha is obtained by them who sing their praises faithfully. In this world, these four are the only shelters and there are no other shelters. Those who solicit the shelter of these four, attain the imperishable eternal status. They attain Moksha.