I chant, appreciate, and praise Arihant Lords, and the Kevali Lords, who are the destroyers of Karma enemies, conquerors of love and hatred, founders of fourfold Sanghas and who cause luminescence in the entire universe. I bow down to them. The names of these 24 Tirthankars are:

    Shri Rushabhadev Swami,      Shri Ajitnath Swami,

    Shri Sambhavnath Swami,      Shri Abhinandan Swami,

    Shri Sumatinath Swami,      Shri Padmaprabhu Swami,

    Shri Suparshvanath Swami,      Shri Chandraprabhu Swami,

    Shri Suvidhinath Swami,      Shri Shitalnath Swami,

    Shri Shreyansanath Swami,      Shri Vasupujya Swami,

    Shri Vimalnath Swami,      Shri Anantanath Swami,

    Shri Dharmanath Swami,      Shri Shantinath Swami,

    Shri Kuntunath Swami,      Shri Aranath Swami,

    Shri Mallinath Swami,      Shri Munisuvrat Swami,

    Shri Naminath Swami,      Shri Neminath Swami,

    Shri Parshvanath Swami, and      Shri Mahavir Swami.

May these 24 Tirthankars and other Kevali Jinas, who have shred off the Karma particles, who have destroyed and ended the cycle of aging and death, be pleased with me.

Oh! Lord Siddhas, you are supreme in the Universe, free from Karmas. I have praised you verbally, bowed down to you physically, and worshipped you mentally; hence do bestow upon me the benefit of true faith and deep meditation, and may you give me the supreme position of Siddha.

Oh! Lord Siddhas, purer than the moon, brighter than the sun, calmer than oceans, confer upon me the blessed Liberation.


Doing Pratikraman, with right faith, I offer obeisance to the 24 Jineshwars by three means which are mentally, verbally, and physically.

Thus, having repented for sins, having reverted back from sins, having criticized the sins, having become free from thorns, I repeatedly apologize to Arihants, Siddhas, Teachers, Preceptors, Sadhus and Gurus. TASSA MICHCHHAMI DUKKADAM.


I take a vow from now until sunrise (or next one or two hours, if it is a Raysi Pratikraman), to abstain from the following four kinds of foods: solid foods, drinks, dry-fruits, and mouth freshening spices. I would be pardoned if anything was forced into my mouth; or if I put anything in mouth unintentionally; or if I have to break this vow as per instruction of my religious teacher to prevent my meditation from being disturbed by obsession.

Oh Lord! First Samayik, second Chauvisantho, third Vandana, fourth Pratikraman, fifth Kausagga, and sixth Pachchakhan, all the six essentials have been completed.

Regarding this, if any letter, word, verse has been undersaid, oversaid, or otherwise said, then in the presence of Arihants, and infinite Siddha Lords, I pray that the said lapses be dissolved.