Next, I beg forgiveness from the Shravak-shravikas, the lay followers of true faith, who are numerable within Adhi Dweep (two and a half islands) and innumerable outside Adhi Dweep. These Adhi Dweeps are Jambu Dweep, Dhatakikhand Dweep and half of Pushakarvar Dweep. Each Dweep consists of three Kshetras (regions), which are Bharat, Mahavideh and Airavat Kshetras.

How are these Shravaks and Shravikajis? They exceed you and me in charity, character, austerity, virtues, etc. They do Pratikraman inclusive of six essentials, twice a day. In a month, they do two, four or six Poshadhs, or live saintly lives. With true faith, they bear the 12 vows, 11 meditations, and 3 aspirations. They have sympathy towards all weaker lives.

They know the 9 fundamentals of life. They bear the 21 virtues of the Shravaks.

They consider others’ wealth and possessions as totally useless to them like stones, they consider all men and women except their spouses as father-sons or mother-sisters. They are firmly religious, and are unshakable even by deities. Their spirit of religion is marrow-deep.

If I have indulged in any disrespect, misbehavior, or offence to such Shravak and Shravikas, then with folded hands, shunning pride, and bowed head, I repeatedly beg for their forgiveness. TASSA MICHCHHAMI DUKKADAM.

I apologize to Shravak-Shravikas. I apologize to those who bear true vision. I apologize to the obliging brothers and sisters. I apologize to the parents.

I also apologize to the 8.4 million types of lives which are as under:

700 thousands Earth-bodied

700 thousands Water-bodied

700 thousands Fire-bodied

700 thousands Air-bodied

1      million Vegetable-bodied

1.4 million Ordinary vegetable and plant bodied

200 thousands Beindriya (souls with 2 senses)

200 thousands Teindriya (souls with 3 senses)

200 thousands Choindriya (souls with 4 senses)

400 thousands Hellish beings

400 thousands Heavenly beings

400 thousands Beasts and Panchendriyas (souls with 5 senses)

1.4 million Human beings.


While trespassing, getting up or sitting down, knowingly or unknowingly, if I have slain or have gotten them slain, pierced or cut, pained or tortured any of these living beings, then in the presence of Arihants, and infinite Siddha Lords, I pray for my sins being dissolved. TASSA MICHCHHAMI DUKKADAM.

I forgive all, may all forgive me, I am friendly to all, I have enmity for none.