Ninth Vow - First (Training) Shiksha Vrat

This training vow is to remain in self-control, whenever an opportunity arises. I will undertake to do a Samayik, that is self-control, for at least 48 minutes, and do it flawlessly. During this I will refrain from sinful and evil activities personally, asking some one else to do so, or encouraging others to do so mentally, verbally, or physically.

There are following five major violations pertaining to this vow of self-control for short time:

1.      Mentally indulging in a foul way,

2.      Using foul language,

3.      Doing foul acts,

4.      Performing Samayik negligently and carelessly, or

5.      Terminating it prematurely.


If I have indulged in any of the above acts, then may all my such sins be dissolved. TASSA MICHCHHAMI DUKKADAM.