SHANTI STOTRA (Prayer for peace) (OPTIONAL)

(by Manubhai Doshi)

(1)      After offering obeisance to Lord Shantinath, who is the abode of bliss and who has destroyed all the perturbations, I am praying the same Lord Shantinath with enchanting words for peace of devotees.

(2)      Repeated obeisance, with utterance of the singular letter ‘Oum’, to the victorious Lord Shantinath, who is worthy of worship, and who is the gracious Lord of the restrained (monks and ascetics).

(3)      Repeated obeisance to the praiseworthy Lord Shantinath, who is worshipped by all the three worlds and who is endowed with the best and most valuable wealth (of Self realization).

(4)      Incessant obeisance to the invincible Lord who is worshipped by the king of all gods and who is most eager to protect all the living beings of the universe.

(5)      & (6) Goddess Vijaya (Victoria) is the destroyer of all the miseries, pacifier of all evils, and controls evil planets, ghosts, demons and witches. She is prayed to, because she acts for the benefit of the people and gets pleased with the enchanting phrases containing the word ‘Shanti’ of Lord Shantinath, to whom you may offer obeisance.

(7)      Goddess Vijaya, graceful, conqueror, invincible, unconquerable and omnivictorious, obeisance be to you.

(8)      (Vijaya), the bestower of safety, happiness and bliss to the entire religious order, and of peace, contentment and support to the saints, victory to you.

(9)      (Vijaya), the bestower of desirables, the source of detachment and salvation, eager to extend fearlessness to all the beings and provider of well being, obeisance to you.

(10)      Blessed, ever ready goddess, (you are) provider of patience, joy, intellect and intelligence to the devoted, faithful beings.

(11)      Goddess Vijaya, augmentor of prosperity, reputed fame of all those in the universe who are attached to Jain order and offer obeisance to Lord Shantinath, be victorious.

(12)      & (13) Now protect us from the risks of water, fire, poison, poisonous beings, evil planets, serious diseases, wars, demons, hordes of enemies, plague, burglars, wild animals, etc. Protect and provide well being and peace and do it forever, provide contentment and support and bestow bliss.

(14)      Graceful and gifted (goddess), provide well being, peace, contentment, support and bliss to all beings. (I am enchanting) ‘Oum, Namo, Namo, Hram, Hrim, Hrum, Hrah, Yah, Kshah, Hrim, Fut, Fut, Swaha’.

(15)      That way, Jayadevi provides bliss to those who offer obeisance by spelling the letters (pertaining to Shantinath). Repeated obeisance be to that Lord Shantinath.

(16)      This Shanti Stotra, composed of enchanting words from the ancient Acharyas, destroys the risks of water etc. and provides peace to the devotees.

(17)      Whoever appropriately recites, listens, or ponders over this (Stotra) daily, (he) and (the composer) Mandevasuri will attain salvation.

(18)      Afflictions get destroyed, obstacles get uprooted, and the mind rests in peace by worshipping the omniscients.

(19)      The Jain order, which is the bliss of all blissfuls, which is the cause of all well beings, and which is the foremost among all religions, prevails victorious.