Twelfth Vow - Fourth (Training) Shiksha Vrat

This vow is to share food and provisions with saints, or with whoever, who may come to get food and provisions. I shall cherish desire of offering and sharing with religious saints and others who have renounced everything; who take only innocent food, water, other eatables, etc.; who wear simple white clothes, use wooden pots and utensils, etc.

There are following five major violations pertaining to this vow of sharing with guests and others:

1.      Mixing inanimate and animate things while offering,

2.      Covering inanimate with animate things with an intention to avoid offering,

3.      Offering something, which is spoiled, fermented or stale,

4.      Asking others to offer instead of offering myself, in spite of being personally able to offer, or

5.      Indulging in pride for offering.


If I have indulged in any of the above acts, then may all my such sins be dissolved. TASSA MICHCHHAMI DUKKADAM.