Second Minor Vow (Anu Vrat)

The second minor vow is to refrain from speaking gross lies. When will that auspicious day come in my life, when I can take vow not to speak lies, pertaining to matrimonial matters, trading in animals or land, misrepresenting or denying somebody’s property deposited, or becoming a false witness, etc? Until I can take this vow, I shall try not to lie or ask someone else to lie for me, or encourage those who indulge in lies mentally, verbally, or physically.

There are following five major violations pertaining to this vow of truthfulness:

1.      Uttering dreadful or shocking words,

2.      Divulging someone’s secrets,

3.      Wrong advice,

4.      False witnessing or preaching, or

5.      False documentation or forgery.


If I have indulged in any of the above acts, then may all my such sins be dissolved. TASSA MICHCHHAMI DUKKADAM.