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Sub-Categories of ICE CREAM KULFI
Chocolate Topping
Choconut Ice-Cream
Coconut Milk Ice-Cream
  Corn Meal-Apple Ice-Cream
  Fig-Walnut Ice-Cream
  Holiday Ice-Cream
  Malai Kulfi
  Mango Ice-Cream
  Saffron Kulfi
  Strawberry Ice-Cream
  Three-In-One Ice-Cream
  Vanilla Ice-Cream



1 � quart milk                 300 grams cream

25 grams dry fruits           1-cup milk powder

1 can condensed milk      � cup sugar

1-cup (ricota cheese.


Boil milk in a pot. Add ricota cheese and boil until it thickens. Dissolve milk powder in cold milk. Add this milk, the condensed milk, cream, dry fruits, sugar and stir until it mixes.

Fill in the kulfi moulds. Freeze them for 5-6 hours. While serving keep for 1 minute under the running water. Place kulfi in a plate and serve.