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Sub-Categories of ICE CREAM KULFI
Chocolate Topping
Choconut Ice-Cream
Coconut Milk Ice-Cream
  Corn Meal-Apple Ice-Cream
  Fig-Walnut Ice-Cream
  Holiday Ice-Cream
  Malai Kulfi
  Mango Ice-Cream
  Saffron Kulfi
  Strawberry Ice-Cream
  Three-In-One Ice-Cream
  Vanilla Ice-Cream



1 quart milk                        1-cup sugar

1-tsp. corn meal powder      1-tsp. china grass

2-cups mango pulp


Boil half of the milk. Add sugar. After 5-10 minutes add corn meal powder mixed in the cold milk and china grass. Stir well and boil for 2 more minutes. Cool it. Add mango pulp and churn.

Put this mixture in the airtight container and keep in the freezer.

Remove after 5-6 hours and melt. Churn and freeze again. Serve after 5-6 hours with the mango pieces.