More and more doctors throughout the world are finding that those who eat a high-fiber, plant-based diet are automatically eating less cholesterol and fat, and are less likely to become victims of heart attack, cancer, high blood pressure, hypertension, and other diseases. Studies reveal that the lower one eats on the food chain, the less pesticides and chemicals one ingests and retains. Highly toxic concentrations of sodium nitrites, arsenic, antibiotics, and growth stimulants (DES, for example, which are added to feed grains are retained in the flesh of cows, pigs, sheep, chickens, and others.  New breeds of antibiotic resistant bacteria which are created present another human health hazard.  Synthetic chemicals, mercury, and toxic wastes from industrially polluted waters are found to be highly concentrated in fish and shellfish.

Even in one’s senior years, health and clarity of mind can be enjoyed when the body is nourished with pure and bloodless food. These results are the rule, not the exception.  An old age lived in sickness, senility, and boredom is not inevitable in human life.  If we live properly, respecting the body’s need for enough water, rest, fresh air, and exercise, and if we tune in to which foods are best assimilated and most nutritious for us, we can remain health and energetic till our last days.  When we live in vitality and reverence, our body becomes our temple, radiating well-being and harmony.