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Sub-Categories of A Handbook of Preksha Meditation For The Trainers
1. A Handbook of Preksha Meditation for the Trainers
2. Preksha Meditation
3. Kayotsarga
4. Internal Trip (Antaryatra)
5. Perception of Breathing
6. Perception of Bright White Color
7. Perception of Body
8. Perception of Psychic Centres
9. Perception of Psychic Colours
10. Contemplation of Fearlessness
11. Contemplation of Amity
12. Contemplation of Forbearance
13. Kayotsarga
14. Mudras: Position of the Hand
15. Practice of Preksha Dhayan for Freedom from Drug Addiction


Muni Mahendra Kumar


1. Posture

2. Recitation of the Mahaprana Dhvani

3. Kayotsarga

4. With your mind's eye visualise that everything around you, including the air itself, is coloured bright white. Take a deep breath and as you slowly inhale, visualise that you are breathing long streams of bright white air. Visualise that bright white air is entering into your lungs with each inhalation.

5. Concentrate your full attention on the entire forehead region and recite nine times loudly --

Everybody is my friend.

I will practise amity with everybody.

Now repeat the same sentences mentally nine times--

Everybody is my friend.

I will practise amity with everybody.

6. Contemplate on the merit of this virtue on the following line--

Feeling of enmity generates fear which, in turn, weakens the body and mind. Therefore, I must develop the virtue of amity.

Whenever one indulges in the feeling of enmity, his happiness is destroyed.

To perpetuate one's own happiness one must develop the virtue of universal amity.

7. Conclude the meditation session with recitation of Mahaprana Dhvani.