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Sub-Categories of A Handbook of Preksha Meditation For The Trainers
1. A Handbook of Preksha Meditation for the Trainers
2. Preksha Meditation
3. Kayotsarga
4. Internal Trip (Antaryatra)
5. Perception of Breathing
6. Perception of Bright White Color
7. Perception of Body
8. Perception of Psychic Centres
9. Perception of Psychic Colours
10. Contemplation of Fearlessness
11. Contemplation of Amity
12. Contemplation of Forbearance
13. Kayotsarga
14. Mudras: Position of the Hand
15. Practice of Preksha Dhayan for Freedom from Drug Addiction


Muni Mahendra Kumar

INTERNAL TRIP (Antaryatra)

The second step of Preksha meditation is the practice of internal trip through the spinal cord. Take your mind to the lower end of the spinal cord, called the Centre of Energy. Allow your mind to go upward inside your spinal cord upto the top of the head called the Centre of Knowledge. Again allow it to come back through the same path to the Centre of Energy. Again and again repeat the same process. Let your mind continuously undertake the trip inside the spinal cord and perceive the subtle vibrations of the vital energy, taking place inside the spinal cord, or whatever sensation you get there. Simply perceive them without any reaction. Concentrate your entire consciousness on the spinal cord.

You may synchronize your internal trip with the process of breathing. During exhalation, undertake the upward trip and during inhalation, undertake the downward trip. Use deep concentration and complete awareness. Practice the internal trip through the spinal cord.

Allow your mind to rise and fall inside the spinal cord just like mercury rising and falling inside the instrument used for measuring blood pressure.