Jain World
Sub-Categories of Fundamentals
Living Being (Jiv -Soul)
Non-Living things (Ajiv)
Auspecious results (Punya)
Un-Auspecious Results (Pap)
Influx of Karmas (Asrav)
Bondage of Karma (Bandh)
Stoppage of Karma (Samvar)
Eradication of Karma (Nirjara)
Liberation (Moksha)

Liberation (Moksha)

Moksha is the 9th fundamental element of Jain Tattvas. Moksha means liberation from the bondages of karmas.  So to go to moksha or to be liberated one has to get rid of all eight karmas. When Mohniya, Jnanavarniya, Darshnavaraniya and Antaray karmas are removed completely, the soul exhibits it true nature by surfacing Kevalgnan or Omniscience; Kevaldarshan or Omnivison; Vitrag, and Omnipotentness. At this time there is no more attachment or haltered for anyone or for any activity. And, at the time of ending of current life one would completely get rid of rest of the four karmas, namely Nam, Gotra, Vedniya and Ayushya karmas and one's soul would obtain Moksha.  Once soul obtains Moksha, it stops wandering in this universe and is free from the cycle of birth and death.  Moksha is also known as salvation or liberation.


Just as balloon tied with heavy weight will sink in swimming pool, but as soon as the weight is removed balloon will come to the surface; in the same way when soul is freed from the bondage of all karmas, soul in its natural form moves upward to the top of universe and reaches to Shiddha‑shila or abode of the liberated souls.

The ultimate goal of anybody who follows the path of Jin will be one to attain Moksha just as Mahavir, other Tirtahnkars and Jins did it.