To realize what you are, meditate on the philosophy of life which can help you change your old habits of mind.  Say to yourself, “The trees give up.  Why do I not?”  What each thought.  Ask yourself, “Is this thought living in the past?” If so, then you know that you are not living in  harmony with the season.  If you notice that your mind likes to escape into the barn of old memories, say to yourself, “I am going out of the cycle of life because I am living in the past.  The past has already given me the result I wanted and skill I am clinging to a cancelled check.” 

By watching you are able to untie yourself.  You resolve, “I want to go further.”  Many good things are waiting for you if you untie yourself from the past. All the springs come from winter.  What you call barrenness is to the trees nothing but a period in which they have to wait in expectation.  This period is for your renewal. 

It is a period of transition, before the coming of spring, before the rebirth of new life.  In reality it is a change Tagore has given us a beautiful analogy.  We are like the baby nursing at the breast.  When the mother notices that milk has dried up on one side, she moves the baby to the other side.  In between, the baby cries.  He does not see that in between is the moment of awaiting the new fresh milk.  He does not see tat there is no real loss. 

By watching you are able to see how old habits of thinking disconnect you from you’re here and now and make you unhappy.  Are you projecting the concept of father figure, husband, wife, or other image onto another person? If so, then you do not see that individual as an individual.  Are you comparing the present moment with the past? If so, the freshness of life is not enjoyed.  You go on mission good feelings, deep communications.  And people get bored with you, because you always bring out the old imprints of mind, the worn-out things.  They you find someone with the same problem as yours and you wallow together, dragging each other down. 

The philosophy of vibrations changes your whole life style.  Your level of consciousness ultimately attracts people from the same level of consciousness as your own.  So you have to raise your consciousness.  New life cannot come only from words.  It must come from new thinking new vibrations. 

To bring those new vibrations, drop the old, clear you files, throw away the junk.  Say to yourself:  “I don’t want those old thoughts, those negative memories, those conditionings.” When you go on clearing, your mind becomes light.  But before these old patterns go for good, they will tempt you and play tricks on you.  If you are not careful, they will keep on giving flickering signs to you and they may make new scars on your consciousness. 

You must not allow them to make you angry and frustrated.  You must talk to them and tell them: “Now you go! You are old tenants and your lease is up!  I will not renew your contract.”  Once you recognize that these so-called tenants are unwanted guests, then  you are ready too evict them.  You realize that you must have invited them into your consciousness long ago when you wee in a hazy, ignorant state of mind.  Old habits of thinking know how to make themselves at home, but no matter how comfortable or comforting they may appear to you, you must be firm in your resolve to empty your mental house. 

In this sentient living energy does not give up the old insentient, the stale stagnant matter becomes a burden to you and a cause of pain.  The more thorough the mental housecleaning, the more buoyant you feel.  The more you allow dry leaves to drop away, the more aware you are of what you are in essence and of what is relevant to your present living.  Now you are open to receive the new.

What is the new life?  None other than that living conscious energy pulsating and vibrating in all life forms.   It is your own latent power.  To enter the path of meditation you  must have a conscious awareness of your latent power.  If you are not aware of that treasure within you, you are not going to long for it.  You are not going to reach for it.  If you see the end in the beginning, you will take the beginning to the end. 

For that you must believe in yourself.  Until now you have believed in everybody but yourself. Now you realize that you are holding a precious diamond with in you.  Polish it and your radiance comes out. Otherwise it remains like a rough stone, covered will so many layers.  Discover yourself!  Visualize and say to yourself,  “Just now I am rough diamond, but I see inside me is brilliance.  I am rich with knowledge, vision and bliss.” 

When you have seen yourself you really work on yourself.  You Upanishad—sit close.  Sit close to whom?  To yourself.  To the “diamond-cutter” who knows just where to cut so that your roughness is broken and the whole diamond comes out.  The teacher is not always one who wears the clothes of a guru.  The guru is anyone or anything who removes the darkness of you ignorance, who helps you uncover your brilliance.  Once you uncover your self, you become your own teacher.

Once there was a pleasure-hunting king who had a pastime of hunting.  One evening he was sitting by a lake fishing: tempting them, luring them with bait and piercing their mouths with anglers and hooks.  The sunset was particularly striking and the king was moved.  It was the rainy season and the sunset produced the full spectrum of seven colors.  The king became so happy that he continued to watch eagerly.

Slowly he saw the floor fade away; darkness came over everything.  He saw the dark and he realized in a flash: “O, is this my life?  I am pulsating with pleasures.  How long will this remain?  O, let me change and be a friend to all living beings before the colors of my youth fade away!”

The king became so deeply aware of his inner consciousness that he put an end to his former self indulgent ways and cruel pastime.  The sunset inspired him to see the quality of his soul.  This transformed his life.  In this incident the sunset was his guru.

Meditation is this: a complete transformation of consciousness, an uncovering of that indestructible energy which lies hidden in you.  Otherwise you can sit and recit a mantrum to get calm, but it will only be a temporary balm.  You will return to the rat race unchanged.


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