RecognizingYour Part In The Law Of Karma

Unless we realize ouor place in the universe, we will not be able to relate to ourselves.  Unless we can relate to ourselves, we will not be able to relate to ourselves.  Unless we can relate to ourselves, we will not be able to relate to others.  If we do not see beyond the “I” built from body, name, ego, emotions, then we cannot come to an experience of our self.

Through the process of meditation, we are reaching the real “I”.  Reaching there we get a sense of ever-existence which is what we mean by immorality.  It is feeling our living feeling.  As long as we lack that experience, so long our life has no solid foundation. 

The theme of meditation is this: to reach that root where fear does not exist and where vibrant life is always felt.  This is called relating to ourselves. 

Through this experience we realize that “I was, I am, and I will be.”  Realizing this, we   become aware of the process of evolution.  Darwins’s theory was based on a physical level.  Ours in founded on a spiritual level Thus we see that before reaching humanhood, the individual soul evolves from one level to another.  With each progressive level it adds one sense.

Living beings with only a single sense are found in the mineral and vegetable kingdoms.  Their only sense is the sense of touch.  Cettain insects and crawling creatures such as worms have two senses;  they have the sense of taste as well as the sense of touch.  The third sense to be added is the sense of smell in such insects as ants.  Four-sensed beings such as the bees have added the sense of sight.  Fifth is the sense of hearing which characterizes five-sensed animals. 

Step by step we go upwards in evolution from mineral to man, first to  primitive man, intellectual man, and lastly, aware man.  We start with “I am” and then ask “Who am I?” It is man’s first real step in evolution,  This is the line of demarcation between human consciousness and animal consciousness. 

We are here to see why we are here.  We are here to see our place in universe.  We don’t say: “I am here to eat, procreate, grow old and die.”  That is not the answer.  They may be steps to evolution, but they are not the end of the journey.  The few years we have can be profitable invested or wantonly wasted. 

Thus “Who am I?” is a dynamic question.  It reveals the power of man to actualize his sixth sense, his power of thought.  If you go on working on that question,  it will explode.  It will bring meaning to you.  The question will lead you further and further.

Though your progress may not be so obvious, you are digging deep down in the sub consciousness, and little by little you are reducing unpleasant vibrations and adding right vibrations to living life.


We see that life does not come from matter but life animates matter.  At the same time, matter helps life to evolve, fulfill, and express itself.  As milk gives color to water and water surrenders to milk and they become one, so matter and souol are so close that it is difficult to distinguish where is one and where is the other.  So we see oneness.


According to this philosophy, matter and soul have been together from beginning less time.  In subhuman forms of life, matter dominates, weighing down soul energy like mud holding down a naturally buoyant gourd.  With human consciousness, matter and soul live side by side in partnership. 

As man becomes increasingly aware of his intrinsic quality and of his capacity for spiritual growth and freedom, soul becomes master, using matter in creative way rather than allowing mater to dominate.  When soul ascends to its natural state, it is buoyant like an empty gourd, using body for a purpose: to carry conscious energy to fruition and fulfillment.]


Now let us experience the dynamic interrelationship between matter and soul in our interrelationship with the universe.  To pass even one day in any form, from the least to the greatest, we must have universal help. The whole universe is helping us survive and we have the capacity to transform and transmute anything we receive from the universe into life.  Air becomes breath, food becomes blood and cells to build our existence. 

From one single cell, our relationship with the universe started.  When we realize that without universal help we could not have evolved nor could we now live a single day, something in us lets go and melts.  Our relationship with the universe becomes flowing and natural.  We stoop withholding ourselves.  We no longer do things to get thanks or praise.  We do not act out of obligation.  Rather, We act out of genuine feeling of sharing with harmony. 

We flow in a reciprocal way with the universe as we see eac microcosm receiving from all others help and support and communication:  “Parasparo Upagraho Jivanam” – “Giving each other mutual help we cause each other to grow.”  This aphorism of the ancient Tattvartha Sutra expresses beautifully our place in the universe and our relationship with others.  It helps us appreciate the innumerable hands helping us live and grow, both materially and spiritually.  It invites us to see that where there is giving, there is receiving.  Where there is receiving, there is giving.  And where these two are, there is growth. 

As we receive, we give of ourselves in return, naturally, without motive. How? First by knowing our self and then by building a bridge between our self and all the selves.  By meditating and asking:  “What do I Want?  What do I really need? How much do I need?” 

First find out what pleases you, what is your unique dream, with what you will be happy, and then extend that to the world.  Say to Yourself: “I need a few comforts, a place to rest my head, a little nourishing food congenial communication, sweet smiles, warm feelings.” Then ask: “Do I share with the world what I have and what I need for myself?” 

Do we want peace?  Happiness?  Freedom?  Noninterference?  Then what we want for ourselves, why do we not give to others?  In this way, we can see ourselves flowing with the vast interrelationships of the universe.  The realization will come that no one can say:  “I am independent: I don’t care for the world.”  No one is either dependent or independent, but all are interdependent in a spiritually evolving world. 

Now let us understand our interdependence on a vibration level.  Our capacity to transmute matter to energy and energy to matter is experience through vibrations every moment of our life.  Just as food turns into energy in your body, so positive vibrations which you meet in a person radiant with positively change into a pleasant feeling in your awareness.


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