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Sub-Categories of Others(Preksha Dhayan )
Book Introduction  
Ch:1 - What Is Preksha ?  
Ch:2 - Aim of Preksha Dhyana  
Ch:3 - Preconditions of Preksha Dhyana  
Ch:4 - Spiritual Vigilance  
Ch:5 - Relaxation with Self Awareness  
Ch:6 - Internal Trip  
Ch:7 - Perception of Breathing  
Ch:8 - Perception of Body  
Ch:9 - Perception of Phychic Centres  
Ch:10 - Perseption of Phychic Colours  
Ch:11 - Perception of Present Moment  
Ch:12 - Perception of Thoughts-Equnimity  
Ch:13 - Self-Discipline: Development of Will-Power  
Ch:14 - Reflection, Contemplation & Concentration  

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