Deepening Meditation: Eliminating Negative Traits

                Start the day with the mantram, asking, “Who am I?”  In the evening you look again and see everything that happened in your day.  If all was harmonious, be glad and feel your peace.  If any upsetting incident arose, don’t judge yourself.  See it clearly and rectify it in your meditation.  You are building a new life.

             The second mantram we use this week along with kobum is nabum.  Na means “not” and bum means “I”—“I am not that.”  To any feeling which is not yours, any experience which is imposed on you by anybody—society, religions, family or geographical conditions—to that you say Nahum, I am not that, and your erase from the past whatever bothers you.  Again and again, say, “No, it is not me.”  In this way, what you are identifying with psychologically will gradually be eliminated.  These schoolgirl identifications limit us, or hang us up.  It may be an experience from childhood or our adult life, which has caused a scar or fear.  To all these we say, “No, this is not me.”  This is the meaning of Nahum.

             If  any fear comes, you think:  “No, this has nothing to do with me.  Fear is a mental concept, This is not for me.”  And then in action, you do the thing of which you are afraid and immediately the fear will be over.

             Many people die because of fear—of cancer, heart disease or other things.  A story will explain what I mean.  One day merchant was salting along a road leading to the city of Bahgdad.  Before long he met another traveler and they began to walk and talk together.  The first asked to second where he was going and he replied that he was going a to Baghdad also.  When asked what is business was there, the traveler said. That he was Plague and he was going to visit Baghdad and kill many people there.  The first man was amazed and asked the Plague how many people he would kill in the city.  The Plague told him that he would kill 500 people.  As they neared the city they parted company and went their separate ways.  Then a great wave of sickness struck Baghdad and eventually 5,000 people died as a result.

             Two months later the merchant was leaving the city to return to his home after finishing his business there.  As he walked along the road, again he met the mysterious traveller whom he recognized as the Plague.  Immediately he said,  “My friend, you lied to me when we talked before.”  The Plague asked,  “What do you mean?”  Then the merchant said,  “You told me you would kill only 500 people, but now 5,000 have died of the plague in Baghdad.”  “It is true,” the Plague replied,  “but I did not lie to you.”  “What do you mean?”  Asked the merchant,  “You told me you would kill only 500 people and yet 5,000 have died.  How can you sayyou did not lie?”  The Plague said,  “I only killed 500 people.  The rest have died from their fear of the sickness and of dying.  I only took 500 lives,  the others killed themselves with their own fears.” 

            When fear takes root in our mind, then the plant can grow and blossom and bear its fruit of suffering, So now we say nahum  and we uproot all our fears before they can bloom.  Again and again you have to deny that this is you until your mind is convinced.  Saying this once, your mind won'’ be free.  You must be a little hard with yourself while you take the heat, then you go into cold water, and then back.  When you are both hot and cold with your mind, you drop all your past fears. 

            Now when you say kuhum you see exactly what you are, without anybody’s opinion or projection or conditioning, It may take time, but you will go deeper and deeper until you see yourself exactly.  Then you say Nahum to anything which drags you down, holds you or gives you any negative feeling.  Saying nahum you throw it out.

             Working with these powerful mantras, we go deeper and we relax.  Then we find our meditation is gentle and peaceful; we are eliminating al negative feelings and building the good feeling of being ourselves.  Working this way for one year, a little each morning and each night, everything will be changed—our business, our family, our friends, the quality of our life and mind—all will be improved.  When we change inside, everything around us also changes.  Using these mantras, we are learning how to go deeper into the subconscious level, deep into our past where we erase and build anew.

            It is never too late.  Meditation has the power to start new life from any moment.  This way, every day becomes a beautiful dawn to bring in light.  We see in ourselves that which we are seeking in all the teacher.  Every day the sun bring the teacher.  Avatar means reincarnation; each day bring the reincarnation of the sun.  And if you don’t see the light in the sun, how can you see the light anywhere else?  The sun represents light inside as well as outside.  We only need to open ourselves to that light and we will be able to experience joy. 

            Our purpose in meditation is to enjoy the symphony of life.  For that we need three aspects—the hand, the head and the heart, working in harmony.  What our hands do must be in our head and what is in our head must shine from our heat.  Our body, mind and spirit must be synchronized and work on the same frequency.  Then we don’t do things in separation; that is, we don’t do some thing with our body which we don’t believe in, or some thing with our mind which our heart opposes.  Each day observe how many hours you are able to spend with these three aspects in harmony and synchronization.  For this you sit and use the mantras kahum, and nahum.


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